Sogemi Engineering Srl


Sogemi provides two shake- outs categories: T series and Dtp series.

Shake-Out T Series

It is a shakeout that reduces the mould in small lumps.

There are different models with different dimensions of shakeout deck and loading capacity.

Below the shake out there is a vibrating channel that by means of a ventilator cools the sand to be transported to a bucket elevator.

Shake-Out Dtp Series

It reduces the mould to granular size, that means it is not only a shake-out but also a mechanical reclamation machine.

Below the shake out one or two pneumatic vessels are present, to transport the sand to a storage silo.

Sogemi produces different models with different dimensions of shake- out deck and loading capacity: max load 30 ton.

Shake-Out Large Dimension

It is composed of two or four shake-outs T SERIES or the DTP series connected together to increase the dimension of the shake-out deck and the loading capacity.

By means of this solution a loading deck up-to 100 t can be reached.

SHAKE OUT DTP 150 : GRID 2500x2000 mm OUTPUT 10 T/h